Industrial roller shutter doors

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We were approached by the local authority Dudley Metropolitan Council to advise and assess an issue they had with access to a school kitchen, the existing timber door required replacement due its age and condition and was becoming beyond repair. However they not only required a long term secure solution they also wanted to reduce the maintenance requirements. An additional neccessity was for the door to fully open when deliveries of fresh produce arrived within the large and tall delivery rolling cages.Some form of vision panel to allow staff to see the arrival of visitors outside whilst also offering some natural light internally was also requested.Obviously the door also had to be vermin proof because of its location near the kitchen.

We manufactured and installed a steel doorset that incorporated all of these features, the wider than standard opening leaf allows access at all times with its stainless steel finish lever handles that can be internally latched via a thumb turn thus providing a secure door that can easily be opened internally for visitors or deliveries, it also has a Georgian wired glass vision panel to allow the natural inside and also give vision externally prior to opening unlocking the door, the doors side panel is fixed in situ with drop bolts that keep the door secure but also allow ease of operation should larger deliver load access be required and allowing full width access to the large aperture, whilst maintain a vermin proof steel door.

Both the door leaves have stainless steel anti lift dog hinges and the complete door and steel frame have been powder coated a green to match the existing school colour scheme.